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Package Oil-free Booster Bebicon : This piston compressor is installed in production areas that require higher pressure than the main compressor rated pressure. It helps to boost up the existing main compressed air up to a maximum from 0.5MPa to 1.0MPa for systems that require higher pressure. This helps reduce energy cost for the whole compressed air system.


Energy Savings

  • Contribute to the factory energy-saving
  • Air capacity of POB-11G is approximately equal to the 37kW size compressor which intakes atmospheric air.
  • Equipped pressure switch for suction-side air pressure
  • It will be able to prevent Booster compressor from operating without suction-side air.
  • Cut-off pressure and pressure differential (Cut-off to Cut-in (On)) can be easily adjusted. For adjustable pressure range, refer to below chart.

  • Cut-off pressure

  • Discharge air temperature is efficiently reduced with after-cooler in package. It brings reliability to air equipment in downstream air line.

  • Low Noise Level

  • Oil-Free Booster BEBICON consisted of package
  • Reduce a noise level largely with the package. Oil-Free Booster BEBICON can be installed to the near the work area.